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Appellate Advocacy for State and Federal Cases

Hegge & Confusione's New York appellate lawyer team handles both state and federal appeals in New York, including civil, criminal, and family law appeals. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on us to honestly evaluate your case and work with you during each step of your appeal. At Hegge & Confusione, your appeal is never just a case number to us. See for yourself! Learn why clients choose us or read some of our reviews.

Please keep in mind that the deadlines for most appeals are strictly limited. If you are considering an appeal, it is advisable to get a case assessment from an appellate attorney as soon as possible so your time limit does not expire.

New York Appellate Services

We can help you by:

  • Determining if your case can be or should be appealed.
  • Working as head or co-counsel for your appellate case.
  • Providing legal counsel to your trial lawyers.
  • Creating required appellate applications.
  • Reviewing briefs and finalizing arguments on your behalf.

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The Unique Purpose of Appeals

An appeal requires a fresh perspective on your case. The groundwork of an appeal, indeed, is to identify and address critical issues that the trial court overlooked.

Just a few types of errors that can justify reversal on appeal include:

  • Incorrect instructions to jurors.
  • Using inadmissible evidence.
  • Misapplying governing law.

Because appeals are all we do, our attorneys are excellent at finding the most important errors in your case and emphasizing them to the appellate court. We encourage you to take a look at a small sample of our case results.

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