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scales of justice sitting on desk with paperwork - direct appeal concept

What is a Direct Appeal?

If the outcome of your criminal trial wasn’t as expected due to an error made in the case, you can file a direct appeal. A direct appeal can be taken immediately after a trial in which a defendant was convicted and sentenced. This process allows fo… Read More
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scales of justice and gavel - post conviction attorney concept

Should I Hire a New Attorney Post-Conviction?

If you’ve been found guilty of a crime at trial, your case isn’t over — you still have the right to appeal and seek to have the conviction overturned and a new trial ordered. However, this can only be done successfully if a mistake was made tha… Read More
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Weeding rings and gavel with a person signing a contract in the background - appeal a divorce concept

Can I Appeal My Divorce Judgment?

Going through the divorce process can be financially and emotionally overwhelming. Although many spouses are able to resolve their cases out of court and decide the outcome on their own, some divorces are litigated — and the issues are determined b… Read More
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lawyer and client sitting at table with gavel and scales of justice - referring client to an appeals attorney concept

Referring Your Client to an Appeals Lawyer

If a mistake of law was made at trial, and the outcome of the case was not what you and your client expected, you might discuss filing an appeal. However, as an attorney who focuses on trial work, you may not have the time necessary to devote to the… Read More
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icon of a courthouse - appeals process concept

What is the Process for a Civil Appeal?

If you’re thinking about filing a civil appeal, the process can be lengthy and complex. There are certain rules and procedures that must be followed. However, in order to file an appeal, you cannot simply be dissatisfied with the results of the cas… Read More
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Court of appeals sign - hire an appeals attorney concept

Why Hire an Appellate Attorney?

If you lost a lawsuit at trial, you may have the option to appeal. However, it’s important to understand that litigating a case and appealing one are two very different processes. Not only must an attorney have specific knowledge of the appellate p… Read More
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