I already lost in the trial court. Why should I appeal?

Because a persuasive appellate argument can correct the decision below and turn the case in your favor again.

The trial court's or jury's decision is not the end of the road. In many cases, it's incorrect or unfair, based on misleading jury instructions, improper evidence, or overlooked case law.

Even an indefensible decision will stand, however, unless the losing party appeals and retains an effective appellate advocate to explain, in plain English, how trial errors undermined the process and caused an unjust result.

The effective appellate advocate can regain tremendous leverage for the losing party by threatening to overturn the entire case. Simply initiating the appeal and filing a compelling brief can renew settlement discussions with the opposing party and lead to results thought impossible after an unfavorable result.

About Michael Confusione

New Jersey attorney Michael Confusione co-founded Hegge & Confusione in 1999 and heads the firm's appellate practice. He has over 20 years of experience in appellate law and has handled hundreds of civil and criminal appeals.

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