I won in the trial court. Why should I worry about appeal?

Because everything you've fought for—the years of discovery battles, motion practice, and careful witness preparation—can be lost if your opponent highlights even a single error that warrants reversal.

In preparing for and trying a case, parties and their counsel sometimes forget the power of appeal. It can completely reverse the case you fought so hard to win. With an effective appellate lawyer, your opponent can amplify mistakes that seemed trivial in the trial court yet may now upset the entire case.

You need an effective appellate lawyer on your side who knows how to:

  • Counter your opponent's arguments
  • Explain why they don't merit reversal
  • Persuade the appellate court that your victory is just

By pursuing an appeal with an appellate attorney, you can end up preserving the time, money, and effort you spent on winning the case in the first place. It's the key to preserving trial success.