Michael Confusione is one of the best appeal attorneys one can have! He accomplished extraordinary, complicated case as many attorneys are/were not able to. Also he was quick to respond my questions unlike other lawyers. We need more attorneys like Mr. Confusione in US Justice System. My case was dismissed, (it was a huge injustice) there was no justice going to prevail without him! I will recommend him to anyone who would like to appeal. Thank you again, Michael.

– S.B.

I recently had the privilege of working with Michael Confusione, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. What stood out most was Michael Confusione's commitment to saving me money while delivering top-notch legal representation. From start to finish, Michael demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and dedication. What truly sets Michael Confusione apart is their unwavering dedication to his clients. He was always responsive to my inquiries, promptly returning calls and emails. He made me feel like my case was a top priority, and his genuine concern for my well-being went above and beyond my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Michael Confusione to anyone in need of legal representation. If you're seeking a legal professional who truly cares about your case and will go the extra mile to secure the best possible outcome, Michael is the attorney you want by your side.

– I.A.

If you need a firm that knows Appeals this is it! Highly specialized, swift work, great communication! Michael has been amazing during the entire process and gets results, so glad I found this firm!

– M.T.

I am forever grateful that I found Michael as my appeal lawyer. Smart, quick, and accessible throughout the entire process. I started to lose hope after battling for so long, but Michael changed everything. His amazing work is seriously going to save lives, including mine. If you have anyone else working on your appeal, it would be a disservice to your entire case. The best of the best.

– L.S.

I reached out to Mr. Confusione to help a family member. His professionalism and dedication was impeccable. He explained everything in full detail and is responsive to anything I need to ask him. He is working on a difficult case for us and I believe he will get the job done. I highly recommend him.

– G.S.

Although my case has not been to court yet, I feel very confident in Hegge & Confusione law firm representing me. They have always been honest and up front with me, answered all my questions immediately and are very easy to communicate with. I had meet with two other law firms before meeting with Hegge & Confusione and once I did I knew they were the firm for me. They specialize in the appeal process and they were the only firm that understood my case and gave clear and confident answers regarding it. I would recommend Hegge & Confusione to anyone and I am confident once my case goes to trial, we will be successful.

– D.V.

What I like best about Hegge & Confusione Law firm is that my case was handled professionally and without prejudice. He was very thorough and prompt in his approach to details in the discoveries. Our communication was ongoing and he kept us informed constantly by phone or emails. His analysis of the case was truthful. He was very honest regarding our opinions of the case and where we stand. Working with Hegge & Confusione gave us hope for success because of his approach in defending the case. The lawyer ability to identify the issues that mattered in the case and for going ability to explain the issue to the court on our behalf gives us a sense of relief. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who wants a honest firm to seek fair justice without prejudice.

– Mrs. R.P.

I would like to share just a few things, although there are many, about my experience with Hegge & Confusione, The Law Firm for Appeals.

I had fought a long and difficult battle in my law suit in which I felt that the law had not been properly applied. So, I decided to appeal the judgment and found myself relating the trial to a very accomplished and gifted attorney, Mr. Michael J. Confusione of Hegge & Confusione.

After listening to me relate my experiences about my two day court trial, Mr. Confusione assessed my case with professional expertise. His conclusions made me feel extremely comfortable in knowing that I had chosen the right appellate law firm to handle the case for me.

At Hegge & Confusione their depth of understanding of the law is exceeded only by their ability to analyze the circumstances involved in the case. At that point they give you their honest opinion of your lawsuit and of the chances for a successful outcome with reasons to back up their opinions. I was most impressed with the extraordinary Brief and Supplemental Letter that Mr. Confusione filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division on my behalf. His exceptional intellect was apparent in the powerful and persuasive words he used in arguing my case. He made the rule of law relevant to my issues come to life, throwing a completely different light on the case.

At Hegge & Confusione the level of their perception in identifying the significant issues that matter in the case and their ability to explain them to the court on your behalf in agreement with the law is priceless. They present your case with honesty, with wisdom and with such clarity that even a layperson can understand it with no difficulty. They are prompt, friendly, accessible and they are technologically savoir-faire.

– J.T.L.

After losing at trial my son's successful filling at the appellate court would not be possible without the help, support and great representation of Mr. Michael Confusione. When the chips were down Michael was there for my family and I.

– F.R.

Hegge & Confusione LLC is quick in identifying & understanding germane issues implicated in a seemingly complex case. Unparalleled quick response time and a first class attention to details. Extremely intelligent analysis of issues and a great ability to separate the grain from the chaff. Caring and honest.

– B.W.B.

Kindly allow me to take the opportunity to Thank You and your office for your expertise in the Appeal you are handling for me. I personally am not a fan of writing letters for a job that was paid for. However, your firm stands out among the rest as exceptional in both person-ability and quality of work. I feel it would be an injustice not to tell you (and/or others) about my experience with you and your firm. From the very first conversation we had, Michael has been a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interests in mind. I was always informed and I always felt like my appeal was in very capable hands. Michael never missed a scheduled meeting and he always took my calls. What I especially liked about Michael was his ability to remain calm when I was panicked, frustrated or simply confused by the appeal process. I honestly believe, had I hired another firm, I would have made a grave mistake. Mr. Confusione is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best customer service methods, understanding the issues that need to be addressed, and completing same in the most expeditious and professional manner possible.

– C.S.

The firm of Hegge & Confusione is very professional, attentive, informational, courteous, and is always focused on the job at hand. Mr. Michael Confusione is patient to work with and makes sure that you are not caught by any surprises. He is very upfront about your chances of winning your case & the consequences that may come with it. I truly admired Mr. Confusione's advice, preparation, and follow-up throughout... The attention to detail by Mr. Confusione is what ultimately won this case for me... I would highly recommend this firm hands down. In my opinion they are #1 when it comes to Appeals. There is NO reason to go with anyone else.

– T.S.

It is my privilege to recommend Michael Confusione of the Hegge and Confuscione Law Firm. Michael Confusione is a lawyer who exemplifies excellent Character, Professionalism and Impeccable reliability from start to finish. He returns all telephone and email communications promptly, without delay, and he is compassionate, honest and dependable.

I came to Michael after a local court judge made repeat mistakes that nearly cost my life and the lives of my children. I drove over 100 miles because of Michael’s reputation and I’m glad I did. He has a keen understanding of Appellate Law and he immediately detected 48 errors that a local Judge committed in just one day alone. Michael immediately wrote the brief that pertained to the facts in my case and throughout the entire 18-month waiting period, he literally held my hand, listened attentively to my concerns, the concerns of my children and encouraged us in a manner that exhibited excellence in character and professionalism throughout.

Michael has superior research skills as well as excellent analytical skills. He was able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for the entire case in a short period of time. Michael is very personable and it is clear to see why he easily gains the trust of the clients with whom he works. He won my confidence from the very start and I can see why clients prefer to work with him exclusively. Again, Michael is exceptional from start to finish.

I had lost all confidence in the legal profession after working with below par Judges and Attorneys. I now have a refreshed view of the legal profession after working with Michael Confusione. He has surpassed the earned title of Super Lawyer. I have to say he is one of the best legal writers who has produced a well-researched and compelling brief, motion and argument, on my behalf. Additionally, Michael is a gifted public speaker and he has represented me in court with skill and total professionalism. Michael constantly strives to further educate himself and improve his research, preparation and courtroom techniques while building a solid client / attorney relationship. I am pleased to recommend Michael Confusione to anyone seeking an Appellate Attorney. I believe his work would, not only meet but also, exceed your expectations should you choose to retain the law firm of Hegge and Confusione. As his client, I believe he deserves a perfect 10.

– D.I.

Mr. Confusione has extraordinary appellate skills. He accurately identified relevant issues, when laying out my case before the appellate court, leaving almost no room for my opponent's rebuttal, which of course, makes him very difficult to beat.

– J.B.

Having served as Assistant General Counsel, as well as Head of Litigation, at a major Fortune Five Hundred Company, I have had a degree of experience in selecting and evaluating outside counsel. Based on that experience, and with my personal experience having Michael Confusione represent my interest, I highly recommend the Firm of Hegge & Confusione. They are knowledgeable and attentive to your needs. While showing interest and compassion, they do not sugarcoat the potential of your matter. A realistic picture is presented for your consumption. Because of this level of interest and professionalism, one can evaluate and make an appropriate decision on courses of action. I do not hesitate to recommend Hegge & Confusione to address one's appeal matters. They tend to keep you informed and in the loop.

– J.S.J., Esquire

I was happy with the way Michael handled my brief and reply. He kept an open mind and after listening to my many prospective points we were able to hone in on key aspects and tone it down. He used plain simple language which any judge should be able to understand. His experience showed and was most helpful.

– B.A.

If you are in need of legal representation, Mike Confusione I highly recommend. In a matter I was involved in that was distressing the biggest highlight was getting to know Mr. Confusione. It was apparent from our first meeting, that not only is Mr. Confusione very skilled and intelligent but that he also embraced honesty and professionalism. What was important to me was, he had grasped the total matter completely. I never throughout the case had to remind him of facts or circumstances that we had previously discussed. Mr. Confusione's explanations in the analysis of the case and ability to identify the issue(s) were insightful and outstanding! His representations on the chances of prevailing were direct and honest. All my questions and concerns were responded to immediately by phone or e-mail which lessened the anxiety and continued to shore up my confidence in Mr. Confusione. It was very reassuring. There is no doubt that Mr. Confusione truly is in this profession to help people in need of legal help. Thank you Mike.

– F.C.

I found Michael while waiting to hear back from other law firms on how to move forward on my worker's comp case. In the eleventh hour, just days before my appeal deadline, I called his firm and I believe he scheduled to meet with my wife and I the same day or the day after. At our initial consult, he copied my files, and agreed to review them immediately due to the critical time frame. Most importantly, he listened to our concerns and addressed the numerous inquiries we had.

At this very uncertain point in time of our lives, I had consulted with a several different lawyers and Michael treated my wife and I with the utmost respect and dignity. What a refreshing change from prior experiences! Again, I had dealt with a lot of different attorneys over the last few years who were dismissive and would not respond in a timely fashion to address the issues which were concerning me. As promised, Michael contacted us within two days with a concise summarization presented in a manner we could understand, as well as realistic scenario's of the possible outcomes I was facing regarding my appeal. In addition, he was very up front regarding the fees and costs associated in pursuing my case.

During the period Michael has represented me, I have found I can rely on him to return my calls and or emails promptly. I feel he conducts his business with a level of honesty and integrity second to none I have ever experienced in dealing with anyone else in the legal profession. Again, I repeat, what a refreshing change from prior experiences. In conclusion, I would recommend Michael Confusione for legal representation, and feel very grateful I located his ad in the nick of time!

– Mr. & Mrs. C.

Hegge & Confusione make it their business to actively reach out to their clients... The Firm provides honest, legitimate, professional, and timely feedback in all cases... Thank you, Hegge & Confusione for all of your dedication and hard work.

– Mr. & Mrs. S.

With Michael you get the warmth feeling and his deep concern on your case as soon as you start a conversation with him. My experience has been very fruitful. Michael is a very detailed oriented professional; he took care of all the minute details and spent a lot of time with me on my case. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject makes one very comfortable. His sincerity and timely commitment is very much appreciated and these qualities set the bar very high for him. I would always recommend Michael.

– F.D.

I liked that Mr. Confusione was an honest attorney. Mr. Confusione puts his clients' needs first. Mr. Confusione listens to the client and is able to grasp the main facts of the case. I have lost much confidence in the judicial system. Mr. Confusione has put the factual truth to the front of my appeal. The analysis of my case was spot on, and the communication is impeccable.

– P.N.

Hegge & Confusione are brilliant. I had 30 days to make an appeal and I could not find an Attorney who would be able to help me... I found the Law firm of Hegge & Confusione... Mr. Confusione responded... He told us right from the beginning what would take place how long it would take before we would hear from the courts, etc. He was always right! He has been in constant contact with us... Mr. Confusione has kept us up to date on everything. He is honest and truly cares about his clients. We are very happy with the outcome... We have been given a second chance...

– Mr. & Mrs. P.

It is debilitating when a judgement is unfavorably issued, you know that you're right and trying to find another direction to take or motion to file seems useless. Who could possibly understand my situation and turn the tide. Representing yourself and trying to study case law is a recipe for failure against seasoned professionals who have successfully stolen millions from poor consumers. Through research, I found Hegge & Confusione and spoke with Michael Confusione. Michael listened intently to my case, diligently reviewed the various motions and developed a strategy. From the start, Michael carefully set expectations and ensured that I agreed with the approach. I felt more at ease after speaking with Michael than I had in 3 years with this case hanging over my head. Of course, not every case is winnable. With Hegge & Confusione in your court, you have a better than fighting chance!

– B.S.

Mr. Confusione is knowledgeable, personable and very professional. He is also very responsive and quickly responds to all emails and calls. I had a lot of questions and he was very patient and understanding of all my concerns. After I explained my situation, he knew exactly what to do and started working on my case right away. He keeps me posted as the case progresses. I'm extremely pleased with the service he is providing and I highly recommend him. Excellent lawyer!

– Past Client

I have my MD license back because of your expertise. ... All of the attorneys, Judges, doctors that have read your brief, comment on the quality of the brief ... . Michael Confusione is a mensch. Legal scholar. Best appellate attorney in the United States of America, who practices in New Jersey.

– Dr. Jane Doe

Mr. Confusione is an outstanding Appeals Attorney. He listened carefully and responded quickly. He is aggressive and got the results I needed. I highly recommend him.

– F.D.

After contacting more than 20 lawyers and being disappointed each time, I thought my only option was to pursue my appeal pro se. After losing, I found out about the Hegge and Confusione law firm and met with them to discuss my options. The knowledgeable advice I received during the consultation made the decision to hire them easy. Utilizing a two-prong approach, Michael Confusione posed excellent insight into the many complex problems raised in my case and was able to present to the courts on my behalf a well laid-out legal argument that effectively attacked each issue. But as a lay person, what stood out most for me was his non-condescending manner. Every step of the way I was kept abreast of all considered action and was encouraged to offer my own thoughts and ideas as well. Together we formed a competent, professional alliance that got the job done. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm to anyone who needs an appellate attorney.

– T.W.

I was very pleased with my first meeting with Hegge and Confusione. They quickly got to the key issues of my case and were clear and honest about the appeal process and my chances. I decided to have them represent me and am glad I did. In the subsequent months, they have been very professional, detailed and timely with everything we have worked on. Highly recommended!

– S.B.

I have known Mr. Confusione for about two years now. He is an outstanding attorney. He is not only brilliant and can reduce the most complex situation to a lucid and insightful account, but he is also a humanist who cares about and feels responsible to understand the effects of protracted litigation on his client's life and work. Before I met Mr. Confusione, I consulted with several attorneys from different firms around New Jersey and out of state more than half of whom had been engaged previously by the Defendants in some capacity and thus had a conflict, and others who were dissuaded by the complexity of the issues involved. Mr. Confusione understood my problem in five minutes. He offered a consultation the same day, and he is exceptional in his communications with his clients, always representing their specific interests, and making sure to let you know he appreciates your input, however little I would assume it legally means to him. In summary, Mr. Confusione has given me invaluable representation for which I will always be grateful. I recommend him highly and am honored to have the opportunity to work with him.

– J. Doe, M.D.

Mr. Confusione has a high standard of ethics, is kind, his fees are more than fair, and his work is immaculate and precise. Our company is small in size and was unjustly sued by a large non-profit corporation. Mr. Confusione is compassionate and showed great interest and care in our case. He prepared a clear and precise appeal paper. If you need an appeal, Mr. Confusione is the only lawyer you will ever need without any hesitation.

– K.T., Owner and Operator of ABC, Inc.

There is nothing more frightening than having to represent oneself pro se in an appeal. I found myself in that unfortunate position recently. I needed to appeal an unfair decision. I was referred to Michael Confusione. Mr. Confusione is a knowledgeable, approachable attorney with a wonderful wit and a huge storehouse of knowledge. He approached my case aggressively and made me focus on the core issues of my case. He rendered invaluable assistance with cases I needed to cite and freely shared his experiences in the appeal process. When I had questions and called or emailed him, he always responded within a day with a comprehensible and applicable response.

If lawyers and law firms received a star rating from one to five, Hegge and Confusione are a definite five stars. I highly recommend this firm to anyone entering the appeal process. I have had disappointing dealings with other law firms. Finding Hegge and Confusione was such a refreshing, rare surprise. I received much more than I paid for, I was treated courteously and fairly. There are many derogatory jokes about lawyers. Prior to my experience with Hegge and Confusione, I agreed with all of them. I have to say, without any reservations whatsoever, that none of them apply to this sterling law firm. Their professionalism, compassion and knowledge put them in a category far above the ordinary. They are, indeed, a rare jewel in the legal profession.

– G.H.

Michael is approachable and grasps the needs and situation of his clients and willingly works with them. He is understanding and makes them feel at ease and relaxed. He has the skills and talents to efficiently and cost effectively provide excellent representation. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

– S.S., Esquire
Mr. Confusione is undeniably the best attorney I have interacted with to date — having screened scores of lawyers both at the trial and appeal level. Unlike many in his lot, who are abrasive and often rude - supposedly because of their position of perceived authority — he is the antithesis of all the above and is very courteous and accessible; in deference to my age and being culturally sensitive, I guess, he was always very respectful, and unlike many others here, who called me by my first name, he always addressed me as “Doc.” He returned my telephone calls and email communications promptly, without delay, and more importantly, he is honest with his fee and sensitive to client-financial situation.
My year long interactions with him, have been very fruitful. Mr. Confusione was extremely patient, attentive, helpful, intelligent and very professional. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for an honest and compassionate attorney.
– Dr. N.A.

During the course of my divorce I have gone through too many attorneys to count and ended up appealing my decision. I only wish all other attorneys who got me to my appeal were half as good as Michael was. He was very responsive, understanding and provided me with realistic expectations while working on my case. I am very happy with the services that I got, the result of my appeal and his responsiveness. I wish I never had to get to the appeal stage in my process but I'm very happy I ended up working with Michael on it. Highly recommend.

– M.R.

I'm not one who would typically blog or comment about anything, however, I'm compelled to make exception here as I believe positive things should be acknowledged and shared with others so they may benefit as I have.

I won't go into my long, sad story here, only the good part thus far.

It was my great fortune to find Mr. Michael Confusione and finally experience the professionalism, integrity, expertise and compassion I was searching for. Not only is he giving of his time and knowledge, which is astounding, but he still retains the "human factor" which was refreshing to find still existed in the legal profession. Michael has been attentive, responsive and honest. Always returning calls and emails and even going above and beyond his typical scope of practice to assist me. Michael has treated me with respect, fairness and kindness and I will never forget it.
Michael.......thank you, thank you, thank you.

– D.S.

Today it is most difficult to find great professionals in any field. However, I am deeply impressed with the caliber of professionalism and talent of Attorney Michael Confusione. He will be my attorney for life.

– J.M.

Working with Michael Confusione from the Hegge & Confusione law firm has been a very pleasant experience. He is very thorough with regards to my case, he makes sure that he goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. He makes me feel like I'm his only client, with every encounter. Thank you Michael.

– D.
Unfortunately due to professional and private setbacks and challenges, I have had contact with many attorneys over the past five years. Out of the group, Michael Confusione has been the most diligent, responsive and dedicated attorney of the lot. He is the only attorney who responds to correspondence within minutes, even after hours. He has involved me in the process, and welcomes my contributions to our submissions to the court. My case is nearing the end, and I look forward to working with him through its conclusion. I would recommend him to anyone contemplating an appeal.
– D.D.
If you re in need of an attorney who specializes in Appeals, I cannot recommend Michael Confusione of Hegge and Confusione Law highly enough. He is proficient in his knowledge of Appeals Courts and how to best present your case. He got a thorough grasp of my complicated situation and worked with me on the best course of action. Michael went above and beyond what I expected. Additionally, he is a good listener and empathetic. And, very important, he promptly responds to my calls, texts or emails.
– J.H.

When it comes to appealing a judicial ruling, count your lucky stars to have Michael Confusione in your corner - I do ! Out of all the attorneys that I consulted, Michael Confusione is the legal specialist I chose to retain. Mike's uncanny ability to sift through not only the nitty gritty of my adversaries' legal arguments, but my emotions at having to rehash the details of the litigation, let me relax, knowing my matter is in the best of legal hands. When Mike presented me with realistic options, such as whether or not I should go forward with an appeal, I came to believe I could have a real chance in getting my matter considered by the Court. So yes, with Michael Confusione as my attorney, I am going forward. Thank you, Mike.

– W.N.

Mr. Confusione is the three dimensional living definition of the idiom "Balancing the Scales of Justice." He works with you on his fee and its worth every Benjamin. He has an immaculate ability to course correct political lawlessness by applying the law as it is: not afraid to argue effectively and assertively. He has innate talent in strategizing and executing multiple avenues of defense, if applicable to your particular case. If you want to be treated like a respected human being not just with him as your attorney, but also within the anxiety-ridden confines of the court room, Mr. Confusione is your man

– S.S.

I highly recommend Michael Confusione to anyone who is in need of an appeal. My experience with him taking me through the entire process was very satisfying to me as I was in a very difficult situation. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the legal appeal process. He was very thorough and professional and seemed to be very committed to winning my appeal. He was very hands on and responsive to all of my questions and was very prompt in returning any of my phone calls. I am so thankful to have had him represent me in asking the court for a decision in my favor. It was a job well done!!!

Michael has been brilliant help for me. Regardless of my outcome, he did an impeccable job with my case.

– T.T.

He did it!!! Michael Confusione got the appeal!!!

I’ve come to realize how important it was to have a specialized attorney to handle an appeal, and Michael dedicates his entire practice to just that! After seeing the quality of Michael’s work, it’s hard to imagine that an ordinary trial attorney could have put together such an intelligent, well-researched, and cogent brief. And when it came to the oral argument, he scorched opposing counsel and got me a favorable ruling on my appeal!

Michael took my case when no one else would and then gave it 110%. He always made me feel like l was his only client—never too busy to take my calls, respond to my emails, or put in the extra effort to do whatever needed to be done to procure a favorable outcome. Despite his deep legal knowledge, ability to wrap his mind around the complexities of my case and quickly formulate a strategy, Michael was always willing to consider my ideas and input. l always felt like he genuinely cared about my case and getting me justice.

I highly recommend him. Michael’s an exceptional attorney and truly one of the best people you’ll ever meet!

– M.E.

We hired Michael Confusione to handle an appeal in a commercial litigation matter. He is an excellent appellate lawyer, well versed in procedure and the law. He is also thorough, responsive, and straightforward. We highly recommend him.

– V.P.

We’ve had a very tough time with the court system and have appealed countless times. Ultimately Michael Confusione was the reason my daughter finally won her appeal. Hiring Michael Confusione was the best decision we could’ve made, he changed me and my family’s whole life. As a result of his hard work, diligence, thoroughness, intelligence, and most importantly his genuine care about justice being served, the sentencing was reversed. My family will forever be extremely grateful for him. If you are appealing we highly suggest you hire Michael Confusione as your specialized appeal attorney, he is the best one.

– N.M.

These are actual client reviews of the appellate attorneys of Hegge & Confusione, LLC. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.