Michael Confusione is a lawyer who exemplifies excellent Character, Professionalism and Impeccable reliability.

It is my privilege to recommend Michael Confusione of the Hegge and Confuscione Law Firm. Michael Confusione is a lawyer who exemplifies excellent Character, Professionalism and Impeccable reliability from start to finish. He returns all telephone and email communications promptly, without delay, and he is compassionate, honest and dependable.

I came to Michael after a local court judge made repeat mistakes that nearly cost my life and the lives of my children. I drove over 100 miles because of Michael’s reputation and I’m glad I did. He has a keen understanding of Appellate Law and he immediately detected 48 errors that a local Judge committed in just one day alone. Michael immediately wrote the brief that pertained to the facts in my case and throughout the entire 18-month waiting period, he literally held my hand, listened attentively to my concerns, the concerns of my children and encouraged us in a manner that exhibited excellence in character and professionalism throughout.

Michael has superior research skills as well as excellent analytical skills. He was able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for the entire case in a short period of time. Michael is very personable and it is clear to see why he easily gains the trust of the clients with whom he works. He won my confidence from the very start and I can see why clients prefer to work with him exclusively. Again, Michael is exceptional from start to finish.

I had lost all confidence in the legal profession after working with below par Judges and Attorneys. I now have a refreshed view of the legal profession after working with Michael Confusione. He has surpassed the earned title of Super Lawyer. I have to say he is one of the best legal writers who has produced a well-researched and compelling brief, motion and argument, on my behalf. Additionally, Michael is a gifted public speaker and he has represented me in court with skill and total professionalism. Michael constantly strives to further educate himself and improve his research, preparation and courtroom techniques while building a solid client / attorney relationship. I am pleased to recommend Michael Confusione to anyone seeking an Appellate Attorney. I believe his work would, not only meet but also, exceed your expectations should you choose to retain the law firm of Hegge and Confusione. As his client, I believe he deserves a perfect 10.