Mr. Confusione is undeniably the best attorney I have interacted with to date — having screened scores of lawyers both at the trial and appeal level. Unlike many in his lot, who are abrasive and often rude - supposedly because of their position of perceived authority — he is the antithesis of all the above and is very courteous and accessible; in deference to my age and being culturally sensitive, I guess, he was always very respectful, and unlike many others here, who called me by my first name, he always addressed me as “Doc.” He returned my telephone calls and email communications promptly, without delay, and more importantly, he is honest with his fee and sensitive to client-financial situation.
My year long interactions with him, have been very fruitful. Mr. Confusione was extremely patient, attentive, helpful, intelligent and very professional. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for an honest and compassionate attorney.