Mr. Confusione understood my problem in five minutes.

I have known Mr. Confusione for about two years now. He is an outstanding attorney. He is not only brilliant and can reduce the most complex situation to a lucid and insightful account, but he is also a humanist who cares about and feels responsible to understand the effects of protracted litigation on his client's life and work. Before I met Mr. Confusione, I consulted with several attorneys from different firms around New Jersey and out of state more than half of whom had been engaged previously by the Defendants in some capacity and thus had a conflict, and others who were dissuaded by the complexity of the issues involved. Mr. Confusione understood my problem in five minutes. He offered a consultation the same day, and he is exceptional in his communications with his clients, always representing their specific interests, and making sure to let you know he appreciates your input, however little I would assume it legally means to him. In summary, Mr. Confusione has given me invaluable representation for which I will always be grateful. I recommend him highly and am honored to have the opportunity to work with him.