They are prompt, friendly, accessible and they are technologically savoir-faire.

I would like to share just a few things, although there are many, about my experience with Hegge & Confusione, The Law Firm for Appeals.

I had fought a long and difficult battle in my law suit in which I felt that the law had not been properly applied. So, I decided to appeal the judgment and found myself relating the trial to a very accomplished and gifted attorney, Mr. Michael J. Confusione of Hegge & Confusione.

After listening to me relate my experiences about my two day court trial, Mr. Confusione assessed my case with professional expertise. His conclusions made me feel extremely comfortable in knowing that I had chosen the right appellate law firm to handle the case for me.

At Hegge & Confusione their depth of understanding of the law is exceeded only by their ability to analyze the circumstances involved in the case. At that point they give you their honest opinion of your lawsuit and of the chances for a successful outcome with reasons to back up their opinions. I was most impressed with the extraordinary Brief and Supplemental Letter that Mr. Confusione filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division on my behalf. His exceptional intellect was apparent in the powerful and persuasive words he used in arguing my case. He made the rule of law relevant to my issues come to life, throwing a completely different light on the case.

At Hegge & Confusione the level of their perception in identifying the significant issues that matter in the case and their ability to explain them to the court on your behalf in agreement with the law is priceless. They present your case with honesty, with wisdom and with such clarity that even a layperson can understand it with no difficulty. They are prompt, friendly, accessible and they are technologically savoir-faire.