Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I'm not one who would typically blog or comment about anything, however, I'm compelled to make exception here as I believe positive things should be acknowledged and shared with others so they may benefit as I have.

I won't go into my long, sad story here, only the good part thus far.

It was my great fortune to find Mr. Michael Confusione and finally experience the professionalism, integrity, expertise and compassion I was searching for. Not only is he giving of his time and knowledge, which is astounding, but he still retains the "human factor" which was refreshing to find still existed in the legal profession. Michael has been attentive, responsive and honest. Always returning calls and emails and even going above and beyond his typical scope of practice to assist me. Michael has treated me with respect, fairness and kindness and I will never forget it.
Michael.......thank you, thank you, thank you.