They are, indeed, a rare jewel in the legal profession.

There is nothing more frightening than having to represent oneself pro se in an appeal. I found myself in that unfortunate position recently. I needed to appeal an unfair decision. I was referred to Michael Confusione. Mr. Confusione is a knowledgeable, approachable attorney with a wonderful wit and a huge storehouse of knowledge. He approached my case aggressively and made me focus on the core issues of my case. He rendered invaluable assistance with cases I needed to cite and freely shared his experiences in the appeal process. When I had questions and called or emailed him, he always responded within a day with a comprehensible and applicable response.

If lawyers and law firms received a star rating from one to five, Hegge and Confusione are a definite five stars. I highly recommend this firm to anyone entering the appeal process. I have had disappointing dealings with other law firms. Finding Hegge and Confusione was such a refreshing, rare surprise. I received much more than I paid for, I was treated courteously and fairly. There are many derogatory jokes about lawyers. Prior to my experience with Hegge and Confusione, I agreed with all of them. I have to say, without any reservations whatsoever, that none of them apply to this sterling law firm. Their professionalism, compassion and knowledge put them in a category far above the ordinary. They are, indeed, a rare jewel in the legal profession.