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Hegge & Confusione is proud to have achieved positive outcomes for so many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any appeal depends on the unique circumstances of each case. We cannot guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved.

Criminal Case Remanded for New Trial

The appeals court agreed with Hegge & Confusione in vacating the defendant’s conviction for murder and related offenses “We are satisfied that in precluding the jury from considering passion-provocation manslaughter, the court committed an error capable of producing an unjust result with respect to Whye’s convictions for purposeful and knowing murder, as well as all of the remaining charges. Accordingly, a new trial is required.” Read More

Remand for Resentencing

The appeals court agreed with Hegge & Confusione in vacating the defendant’s sentence, remanding for resentencing consistent with the Supreme Court’s holding in State v. Robinson, 217 N.J. 594 (2014). Read More

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About Michael Confusione

New Jersey attorney Michael Confusione co-founded Hegge & Confusione in 1999 and heads the firm's appellate practice. He has over 20 years of experience in appellate law and has handled hundreds of civil and criminal appeals.

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